• AB Segulah acquires shares in Live Doors

    22 April, 2021

    During the pandemic, regular concerts have been cancelled and digital alternatives have instead become a common way of dealing with the reduced gigs, and at the same time the music industry is currently undergoing a digital wave. The founder of…

  • Aktiebolaget Segulah acquires Rörinspektion i Karlstad AB

    14 August, 2020

    AB Segulah has acquired 100% of the shares in Rörinspektion i Karlstad AB. The company started its operations in 1982 and is mainly focused on relining, ie. renovation of sewer pipes / systems, but has also a complete range of…

  • Merge between Mitti and DirektPress

    24 June, 2020

    The two leading free newspaper groups Mitti and DirektPress are merging, Ge-Te Media AB is acquiring all the shares in Mitti, which since August 2019 had Citypress Stockholm AB as the principal owner. Ge-Te Media AB is the parent company…