Investment team

  • Gabriel Urwitz
    Chairman of the Board

  • Lennart Kalén
    Vice Chairman

  • Lars Axelson

Board of directors

Gabriel Urwitz, Chairman of the Board, Christer Villard*, Fredrik Rapp, Lennart Kalén, Vice Chairman of the Board, Anders Claesson, Joel Urwitz

For board member profiles, please see Investment team and Industrial advisors


*Christer Villard passed away on September 25, 2019

Industrial advisors

One important aspect of value creation at Aktiebolaget Segulah is to provide the companies in which we invest with additional industrial expertise. In order to achieve this, Aktiebolaget Segulah works together with a network of industrial advisors whose joint expertise spans many different fields. Most have held leading executive positions at international companies or research institutes.

  • Fredrik RappCEO of Pomona Group.
    Other directorships: Chairman of the boards of XANO Industri AB, Borgstena Group AB, Binar AB, Eesti Höövelliist AS, Serica Consulting AB, and Svenska Handbollsförbundet, among others.
    Member of the boards of Ages Industri AB, PrimeKey Solutions AB, Aktiebolaget Segulah, and Nordic Flow Group AB, among others.
    Tomas JohanssonFormer president and CEO of Dahl Sverige AB, part of the Saint-Gobain Group, former head of bathroom products for the Nordics and Eastern Europe at Villeroy & Boch/Gustavsberg AB. Chairman of the boards of Balco AB and Franks Kylindustri AB, and member of the board of Pelly Holding AB.
    Jarl SödermanFormer CEO of Canal Digital Sverige.
    Peter SjöstrandFormer deputy CEO of Astra and chairman of the boards of Gambro, Meda, Foundation Oscar Hirschs Minne and Ringens Varv. Member of the board of AVO, Disruptive Materials, Active Biotech, Acturum and Vatera Advisory board.
    Anders ClaessonCo-founder of Aktiebolaget Segulah. Many years of experience in heavy industry (engineering and processing), as well as in travel services, including as CFO of SAS Group. A number of directorships, many within the travel industry, including at British Midland, Linjeflyg, Portugalia Airlines, Transwede, Vingresor, Fritidsresor, Intercontinental Hotels Corp., and Tivoli Hotels, for example. Currently a member of the board of Aktiebolaget Segulah and chairman of the board of Mönsterås Trädetaljer AB.
    Jonas FrisénProfessor of stem cell research at Karolinska Institutet and member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
    Jan AnderssonProfessor of infectious diseases at Karolinska Institutet and director of research at Stockholm County Council.
    Joel UrwitzMaster of Laws (LL.M.) Stockholm University, LL.M. Georgetown University.
    Founder of Schnayderman’s and member of the boards of Aktiebolaget Segulah and Mönsterås Trädetaljer AB.