Social responsibility

AB Segulah and its principal owners believe that companies, ie. its board of directors and management and large shareholders, should exploit the interest of all shareholders in maximizing the company’s long-term profitability.

In addition to this responsibility, we believe that the company and its principal owners also have a responsibility to participate on a more general level in the development of the surrounding community by supporting various non-profit organizations. AB Segulah’s largest owner is The Annika och Gabriel Urwitz´Foundation, which is a non-profit foundation that supports scientific research, social and cultural activities. The dividend that the foundation receives from AB Segulah is solely used to finance the foundation’s nonprofit activities.

In addition to the foundation’s nonprofit activities, AB Segulah normally makes certain grants directly to various nonprofit organizations every year. We make ongoing contributions to the following organizations:

Hand in hand

AB Segulah is a contributor to Hand in Hand. Hand in Hand’s vision is a world free from poverty. Through Hand in Hand’s unique help to selfhelp model poor and marginalized people, the majority of whom are women, are strengthened with the capacity to work their way out of poverty. Raising family income contributes to greater food security, better education, increased access to medicines and healthcare, improved housing etc.

Hand in Hand’s efficient and cost-effective model helps create sustainable results with positive effect on individual- and family level, as well as on society at large.

Stockholms Stadsmission

AB Segulah is a contributor to Stockholms Stadsmission, an organization that work for a more humane society through social welfare, labor integration and training. The aim is to encourage participation regardless of economics and background, and to prevent exclusion.

Raoul Wallenberg Academy

AB Segulah is a contributor to Raoul Wallenberg Academy. Raoul Wallenberg acted against injustice and took a stand for the equal value of all human beings. Raoul Wallenberg Academy was founded in 2001 by, among others, Raoul Wallenberg’s sister Nina Lagergren with the vision of a humane society where every human being can make a difference. The academy is working towards strengthen young people to see themselves as leaders and act for such a society.


AB Segulah is a contributor to UNHCR. UNHCR is on site and helps in the world’s difficult conflicts – in cities, camps and remote villages. We protect people on the run and distribute emergency aid such as food and blankets.