Investment principles

In the case of industrial companies (manufacturers and business to business services), Aktiebolaget Segulah is primarily interested in those that generate annual sales of SEK 15-100 million and turn a profit, as well as have the potential to further develop their business operations. We often consider family businesses undergoing a generational transition, which may need new, stable, and experienced owners. In such cases, we aim to acquire 100% of the company or a clear majority.

As regards venture capital investments, Aktiebolaget Segulah is primarily interested in Tech companies, but is also open to investments in other types of projects. Aktiebolaget Segulah prefers to invest its venture capital in projects/companies that are preparing for the commercial launch of their technology or concept. These should also be projects with the potential to sell worldwide rather than solely to the local Swedish or Nordic market. Aktiebolaget Segulah generally invests as a minority investor.

Venture capital is mainly invested under the aegis of a subsidiary, Segulah Venture AB, of which Aktiebolaget Segulah owns 50% and Fredrik Rapp and Mikael Kamras each own 25%, in both cases through companies.

Key to any decision to invest in a company or project is the people behind it, the appropriate corporate Culture and values.

Segulah Venture AB