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Aktiebolaget Segulah was founded in 1994 by Gabriel Urwitz and Anders Claesson. Gabriel had acquired a small property management company, sold off its holdings, and renamed it Aktiebolaget Segulah. Gabriel and Anders had known each other since 1978 and decided to develop a private equity business, with Aktiebolaget Segulah as a platform. Other owners included Johan Rapp and family, the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation, Lars Josephson, and Per Nydahl. Gabriel and his family were the majority owners.

Initially, the private equity business was operated under the aegis of Aktiebolaget Segulah, but as the business grew, a decision was made to found a new company, Segulah Advisor AB, to provide a Swedish hub for these operations, with Aktiebolaget Segulah to pursue more traditional investment activities and comprise a family office. Up until 2013, Aktiebolaget Segulah invested solely in Segulah’s private equity funds, but after 2013, operations were broadened to also encompass investments in small companies and venture capital activities.

Aktiebolaget Segulah as an investor and partner

In addition to investments in Segulah’s private equity funds Segulah V and Segulah VI, Aktiebolaget Segulah invests in both small industrial companies as a sole or majority stockholder and start-ups as a venture capitalist primarily focused on medical technology, most often as a minority stockholder.

Aktiebolaget Segulah is an active owner, with no particular set term for each investment. Aktiebolaget Segulah is in the process of building both a portfolio of wholly or majority-owned industrial companies intended for long-term ownership and a portfolio of venture capital investments wherein it is natural for the companies to eventually seek out new owners who can contribute to their continued development. As a venture capitalist, Aktiebolaget Segulah can contribute its industrial expertise, helping to build highly viable companies capable of commercial success.

Aktiebolaget Segulah has extensive experience in a broad range of manufacturing and service industries, helping good companies to grow and excel. Segulah’s executives have more than 100 years of combined experience of managing and developing companies and of leadership in both family businesses and subsidiaries of major corporate groups.

Ownership structure

Aktiebolaget Segulah is owned by a small group of people and a Foundation.

Shareholder% of capital% of votes
Gabriel Urwitz and family3511
Annika och Gabriel Urwitz' Foundation2476
Fredrik Rapp through company247
Lennart Kalén51
Anders Claesson1-
Total 100 % 100 %