AB Segulah acquires shares in Live Doors

22 April, 2021

During the pandemic, regular concerts have been cancelled and digital alternatives have instead become a common way of dealing with the reduced gigs, and at the same time the music industry is currently undergoing a digital wave.

The founder of Soundtrack Your, Joel Broms Brosjö,  wants to offer a software platform through his new company Doors, that allows artists and production companies to manage their live concerts. The new service should not make any difference whether it is a live show in your own home or in an arena.

The platform contains functions for, among other things, ticket sales, royalty payments as well as tax and other fees. The platform has recently been launched in 40 markets, and in connection with that, the company has gained a new partner, the Los Angeles-based agency OCA – with signed artists such as Rihanna and Kanye West.

For further information, please contact

Lars Axelson, CEO Aktiebolaget Segulah, +46 70 511 51 30