Segulah Venture acquires shares in Kreditz

21 April, 2020

The Swedish Fintech company Kreditz was founded in 2018 and provides real-time financial information, based on Open Banking and PSD2 data.

Since the service was launched in 2019, the company has signed agreements with over 30 customers in banking, finance and marketplaces that use Kreditz’s services for digital management of analysis and data collection for, for example, credit processes.

Since the turn of the year, growth in the number of corporate customers has been close to 50% in Sweden and Finland. Kreditz’s services can also be used by the consumer in person-to-person transactions to protect from fraud.

For future expansion, the company has also strengthened with Anna Storåkers as the new Chairman of the Board.


For further information, please contact

Lars Axelson, CEO of AB Segulah, +46 70 511 51 30