Segulah Venture AB selling its shares in Spatial Transcriptomics AB

16 February, 2018

Segulah Venture AB has entered into an agreement to sell its stock in Spatial Transcriptomics AB to the US company 10x Genomics.

“10x Genomics is on a quest to unlock a complete understanding of biology, and our recent growth and acquisition activities are accelerating our progress exponentially,” said Serge Saxonov, 10x Genomics’ CEO and co-founder. “We are thrilled to have the Spatial Transcriptomics team join forces with us. Now, researchers will not only be able to understand what is happening within a cell, but also understand where cellular activities are happening in relation to one another. It’s another integral piece of the puzzle that gets us closer to seeing the whole picture of biology to drive new discoveries.”

For additional information, please contact
Lars Axelson, CEO Aktiebolaget Segulah, +46 70 511 51 30.